Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm With the Band!

Grab your old ACDC shirt! Band t-shirts are back in style! But not in the way that they used to be! Pair them with vests, ripped skinny jeans and lightweight scarfs to give you the "I'm With the Band" appeal! If you don't know what I'm talking about...I'll help you out! ;)

The "Love My Bones" t-shirt underneath the gray vest really gives you that certain vibe! Lightweight scarfs are really in right now and they can go with literally almost anything. Pair this outfit with gladiator sandals, gladiator heels, Chucks, or simply flat metallic jazz shoes. Metallics are key when it comes to looking like you're part of the band! This awesome set was made by stylebubble!

This awesome set was made by la bella vita. This girl really knew what she was doing when she picked the pieces for the outfit. Yet again we have our metallic shoe, except this time we're doing more of a tennis shoe. You would commonly see those sunglasses in the Rolling Stones days...and we're bringin' them back to life by mixing them with fun and eccentric pieces!

This retro outfit was made by COCOROUGE! This is a more girly attempt to the "I'm With the Band" look! Yet again we have the metallic dance shoe and we're incorporating a ton of green. The high-waisted shorts mixed with the brown belt and the green top really give you that vintage feel.

I told you that your ACDC band t-shirt would be back in style, didn't I? There's different attempts at achieving the "I'm With the Band" look and I encourage you to try new things. Don't feel nervous about being a little too fashion forward. How do you think Marc Jacobs sells so much? Because he isn't afraid to be a little different! So what? You could create a huge trend if you start thinking outside of the box! :) Until next time..


Paris! The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

I don't know about you, but for me Paris is one of the most wonderful and most beautiful places on Earth! It's got great food, great fashion, totally cute guys, and the language will make your heart melt!

The fashion there is absolutely divine! I mean, who else can walk on cobblestone streets in 5 inch stilettos? Someone from Paris can, I know that much! Let me show you a few Paris-inspired outfits and maybe I'll inspire you to go there, as well.

This awesome set was made by hilaryoana! I'm sure she wants to go to Paris just as badly as I do. This outfit is totally adorable though. The ankle boots and the bag really accentuate the colors in this outfit. The face on the shirt really pops and gets your attention! I love it!

This set was made by Sedefnaz! Flats are a total classic when it comes to dressing like a true Parisian. The print on the flat complements the color of the top. All over, it's a great outfit. Old Navy has these really great flats in different prints and bold colors. But if you're thinking of dressing like you just stepped out of a Parisian runway, then you might want to go for softer more neutral colors, even pastels would work.

This timeless outfit was made by randomlike! This top works great with the shorts and the hat is a total commoner among the people living in Paris. If you don't like some part of the outfit, you could simply substitute it with something else. Paris is all about mixing and matching until you find what fits you best! If you have to search for hours, high and low to find something to compliment the shirt, then so be it!

This more girly version of something you would find in Paris was made by the talented Liddo. She definitely knew what she was doing when she put these feminine and flirty pieces together! The fun lip-gloss colors really add to the outfit. And check out those shoes! Those are HOT.

So there you have it. When dressing like a true Parisian make sure you mix it up and make it look hot. Pastels and neutrals are very in. Bright colors are too, but tone them down. You don't want to take Ashlee Simpson's wardrobe to Paris. You might scare the other tourists. It's all about being sweet and simple, flirty and thriving, cute and adoring, innocent and nice. :) Until next time..


You Were Born in the 60's...

If you watch an old movie from the 50's or 60's it's no doubt that you'll see tons of clothing that you may see today. Things like this:
<-- Made by KOKKILI.


<-- Made by Anna♥

Over sized dresses, peep-toe pumps, bright patterns and huge sunglasses were very in back then. And guess what? They're in today, too! I'll show you a few simple ways to do 60's and then you can take a whack at it yourself!

Tunics are great for everyday basic wear. They were hip in the 60's and 70's and they are hip today. Pair them with short shorts and heels and you're good to go, or with a jean skirt and gladiator sandals and you're ready for a perfect day at the park or a picnic with your friends!

Look at that cute little dress! Isn't that adorable? You could easily pair it with heels and you're off for church or a dressier breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner with friends! You decide where you wear it, but make sure you look totally cute! A lightweight sunhat and over the shoulder patent bag would look super cute!

If you've ever seen a Doris Day movie, you know this jacket like the back of your hand. She was known for wearing classic and timeless pieces like this one. The checkered print and the huge buttons really add to the jacket! Pair this with pants and flats and you're ready for a casual errands day!

These bold shoes were worn by some of old Hollywood's more daring actresses and models! You wouldn't see sweet & innocent Audrey in these? Heavens no! Only people like Twiggy would dream of wearing shoes like this! Pair them with dark-wash skinny jeans, a white tunic and a black satchel and you're good to go!

So now you know how to dress up or down your classic white tunic and you know what shoes to look for next time you're at Nordstrom! The 60's fashion will always remain "in!" (: Until next time...


Going Green!

The need to be green is bigger than ever now! You see ad's for it everywhere. On the street, in the mall, on clothing, etc... But, the thing is. Being green can sometimes be expensive! Here are some tips on how to go green without breaking the budget! I'll include a video, some clothing ideas, and some great tips on how to officially go green!

Going green really is sexy and ♥ ! summer ! ♥ really knew that when she made this set! I love everything about this outfit! It's not really including "going green" clothing, but it's just an introduction to the whole Going Green concept!

Here's a video by about going green and how to do it! Katherine and Hilary include some great tips on how to go green and how to dress it up!

When looking for organic items in stores, make sure you look for more organic cottons organic fabrics. Nothing that's harsh to the environment!

Also, just because your dressing eco-friendly doesn't mean you have to look like a hobo! You can still be fashion-forward and be eco-savvy! The looks shown on the WWWD video are totally cute and fashion forward! :)

So there you have it, some eco-friendly fashion tips and advice! Make sure that your keeping it green in your home too! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Make that your motto from now on!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sex and the City

Well, the movie just came out and it was a hit! But I'm sure you've been in love with it ever since the show came out! The show is known for it's comedy, it's drama, it's characters, and's fashion! Here are some of the things that you would want to wear if you wanted to fit in with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte!


Stilettos, stilettos and more stilettos! What can I say? Stilettos are a must-have if you want to fit in and look glam! Carrie is the queen of heels, and she's known for dressing them up or down in any situation. Here are a few examples of some cheap, and some not so cheap. This awesome and retro set was made by H-O-L-L-Y!

Example #1:

These totally retro shoes are from Nine West and you can get them for $140.00! These stilettos could be paired with almost anything. Feeling bold? Pair them with some jean shorts. Feeling shy? Pair them with a wrap dress. Feeling sexy? Pair them with a mini-skirt! You decide what they should be paired with! Just make sure that you are ready to party it up in these babies!

Now these stilettos are for the more adventurous! Look at how bright they are! But we love them! Make sure if you are pairing them with short shorts you do it in moderation. Have a lower heel if you're going in that direction for day time, or just a longer short. For night, feel free to go super-short! Flirty is in! Show off them legs, girl! You can get these shoes at Nordstrom for $104.95!

And for the last example, these pair of black patent stilettos. You can get these bad-boys at Forever21 for only $19.80! Now that's a good bargain! They're good for the classic little black dress, or maybe your classic little red dress? Or a white shirt and red short shorts? I don't know! You be the boss and decide! Just make sure you look cute!

Designer Bags!

Designer Bags are a must-have when it comes to looking sexy! These bags that I'm about to show you are kind of pricey, but I'm sure you could either get a look-a-like or a knockoff if the price is just not acceptable! And for some, it really isn't! Kewl-kat made this set, and she did a great job at choosing all of the bags! She really knows what sexy and sophisticated is!

Example #2:
This hot bag is a great accessory to almost any outfit! You'll sure be a hit if you carry this bag with all of your other great accessories! But make sure that the color palette still fits, and that you aren't mixing too many colors together. We love a retro print, but what we don't love is when it's mixed with more then 2 other patterns! Then it just gets crazy! You can get this bag at Nordstrom for $210.00!

This spicy little clutch is for the more daring type. It's a great way to spice up any outfit. Whether you may be wearing all black and want something to POP, or your including colors like pink and blue into the could totally wear this bag! You can get it at Nordstrom for $155.00!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5213959209621110050" />
You knew we had to incorporate some satchels in here! And I'm glad we picked this one to do it! This bad boy is available at Nordstrom for $398.00! Use it to spice up any casual or dressy outfit! Whether it's a jeans and a band t-shirt day, or it's a little black dress night, you'll have all eyes on YOU!

Those are just SOME of the many things that you need for looking like you just hopped out of Carrie's closet! Or maybe you want to look like Samantha? You're the boss when it comes to these things! You decide what can make or break your outfit!

Trends on Polyvore

So...I've noticed a couple of trends on Polyvore, and well, I wanted to share some of them with you! :) Here they are!

Trend #1: Bold Patterns!
This checkered ensemble is a great example of bold patterns. Little trinkets on the outfit here and there even add more to the already bold outfit. I've got to warn you have to be brave if you want to pull something like this off! Oh, & if you want to see more trends, click on over to Y E J 's page, she made this devilish outfit!

Trend # 2: It's a Glam World Afterall!

This glam outfit was made by NinaP! She definitely knows what's big in Hollywood right now! All of the hottest celebs are wearing anything that's glam. Examples? Next time you're taking a look through People, look at what Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie and Drew Barrymore are wearing! I can guarentee you that you will not be dissapointed!

Even more of a reason to sneak a peek at the latest celeb trends. This glam outfit was made by senayazakpur! The black patent leather bag and those shoes really complete the look. You want key peices that are really going to pop! Patent leather, retro red's, peep-toe pumps, and diamond studs will really make you look like you're worth their time!

Trend # 3: Just Plain Sexy
Since Summer is finally here, it's time to bring out those short shorts yet again. But hold it, Daisy Duke...don't look too sleezy now! You want to look classy and chic, yet totally hot! Key peices like high heels and gladiator sandals will really finish off your look!! youngunai3 definitely knew what she was working with!

This outfit screams "I'm hot and I know it!" Look at that dress! Completely divine! The stripes are retro and will really give you curves without making you look well....chunky. ;) tutti ___♥ knew what she was doing when she made this set! (: Check out some more of her awesome sets!

And check back later for some more trends!!

That 70's Show!

Um...are we watching a re-run of "That 70's Show" or is the hippie trend back in style? I'm going to go with the second option, because it's totally true! If you haven't noticed...there's a lot of hippie going on, but not like what your parents wore back in the day. Sure we're still seeing the high-waisted flaired pants, but in a whole different way! Let me show you some examples of what I'm talking about!

This totally awesome set was made by natasha goldenberg! I love how trendy and hippie this is! The colors all seem to fit and the big bright patterns really make you feel like you're in a different era! Tip #1: If you are going to use some cool peices, don't go overboard by mixing one too many patterns together. Use simple and light wash items.

This awesome set was made by Torin. This is a more common version of what you should wear when trying to obtain that "hippie look." The messenger bag is definitely something you want to use when finishing off the look. Tip #2: When doing the hippie look, make sure you're using colors that fit the era. Light almost mute purples, browns, golds and greens are really great colors to use when it comes to completing the look. (:

This totally hippie set was made by the wonderful laritournelle! This is yet another common version of what you would want to look like if you were trying to pull off the hippie look. It's subtle yet totally in-style. Tip #3: Don't go Good-Will. Sure, it's fun to pick up peices from boutiques and thrift stores, bt don't make your whole entire wardrobe thrift store. It's great to find cool designer things for 3/4 of the price...but lets keep our dignity while we can. Find a few peices there, and a few peices maybe at Nordstrom, or even Target!

And last but not least, this set was made by me. I know it's not the typical hippie outfit, but the prints are cool and the set all around fits! Tip #4: Have fun with it! No one likes a boring hippie...make sure the peices describe you and make you stand out from the crowd without going overboard!

So there you have it. Use these tips and fashion ideas to dress like a true hippie. Need some celeb inspiration? Look at Nicole Richie for a little bit of inspiration, she dresses like a true hippie!